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4C Recessed Mount

The most common 4C installation is our Recessed Mount units. Usually installed directly into a wall, the Florence 4C Recessed Mounts are a space efficient solution for mailbox units that are pre-approved by USPS.

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Choose 4C Modules by Height.

The 4C Modules are designed in such a way that you can easily choose what type you need based on the amount of mailboxes high they are. The 4C Series ranges from 16 high down to 5 high, which you choose accordingly below.
4c Height White

Choose 4C with Decal or Engraved.

The 4C Mailboxes come with the option to have decals for your numbering, or have the numbering engraved onto the metal.

4C Color Options.

The 4C Series has a great variety of colors so that matching the palette of your building or unit is no problem.
4c color graphic