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Cluster Mailboxes

Cluster Mailboxes

Choosing the right mailbox can be daunting.  We’ll outline the main differences between the two most common cluster mailboxes so you can decide what is right for your project. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to chat with us live or email us any time.

1570 Cluster Mailboxes

The Florence 1570 CBU is the most popular free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster mailbox or Cluster Box Unit (CBU). These USPS Approved units are most often used in new outdoor construction installations but are also popular in commercial, retail, or apartment settings.

4C Cluster Mailboxes

The Florence 4C Mailbox Suite is the standard for a modular, customizable mailbox installation for both USPS Delivery and Private Delivery needs. 4C Cluster Mailboxes are most common if you are following architectural specifications, or building mailboxes into an existing wall.

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