Frequently Asked Questions

I manage an Apartment Building Complex, do your mailboxes work for this?

Yes, our mailboxes are made for apartment buildings. You can order a box per building or for the whole complex through us!

What brand of cluster mailbox do you sell and where does it come from?

We are an Authorized Florence Dealer. They are made in the USA and are based out of Manhattan, Kansas. Our office is actually only 6 miles from the Factory.

How do I pick the right mailbox I need?

You can use our exclusive Build Your Box Tool to help walk you through the process or you can call us at 785-776-0564 or email us at and one of our trained staff can walk you through the buying processes.

How do I figure out how many boxes I need?

You need to know how many tenants and/or apartments you need a box for.

  • If you have 8, 12, 13, or 16, then you need 1 unit with that many tenant boxes.
  • If you have an amount that is in between these amounts, then you will need to go with one that has more boxes than the tenants or apartments you have. This ensures all your tenants have a box.
  • If you have more than 16, then you will need multiple units and can pick them out based on the number of tenants or apartments.
  • For example, if you have 35 apartments in your complex then you could order 3 of the 1570-12 units which would give you 36 tenant boxes or you could do 1- 16,1-13 and1-8 which would give you 36 tenant boxes.

What is a tenant box and parcel box?

A Tenant box is an everyday box the Postmaster will put the regular-sized letter mail into for each apartment address. Each tenant has a key to their box.

A Parcel Box is used when the package is too large for the tenant box. The Postmaster will put a note and a key in the tenant box alerting them to the package. Once the tenant inserts the key into the parcel box and retrieves their package, the key will lock in place and the Postmaster is the only person that can remove it.

Does it cost more for different colors?

No – the 1570 has 6 Color options to choose and the 4C has 8 colors to choose from at no additional charge.

Which Series should I get?

This depends on a few things. To better guide you to the right box, we have a few questions:

How are you wanting to mount this and do you want it preconfigured or customized?

-If you are wanting to mount this on a pedestal outside and want something that is preconfigured and pre-approved by the USPS, and you have standard Tenant/Parcel box needs, then we recommend the 1570 CBU Series.

-If you are installing into or onto a wall, also known as recessed or surface mounted, you will need the 4C.

-If you are wanting a pedestal mounted unit but want to customize your own tenant/parcel set up or need something with a different color than the 4 colors offered in the 1570 series then you will need to go with the 4C Pedestal Mount. You will need to verify with your Postmaster that the configuration you choose is USPS Approved.

What is the requirement of the Postmaster in my area?

-There is a Federal Standard of 1 Parcel box per 10 Tenant Boxes. The exception to this is the 1570 Series, which is patented by the USPS and pre-approved for universal use in the USA.

-For all other Series units, such as 4C, each area postmaster may require more parcel box to tenant box requirement based on demographics such as a university area, near a military base or other highly densely populated area.  In addition there are height requirements that must be met. So you will need to check with your postmaster before purchasing your unit to ensure you are meeting their standards.

What does ‘USPS use’ or ‘Private use’ mean?

-‘USPS use’ means the postmaster will be delivering mail to the units. The post office will have an ‘Arrow Lock’ they put on the unit that allows only the USPS Postmaster to have access to the inside of the unit for mail delivery. Once you have the unit installed you will need to call the postmaster to come out and install the Arrow lock on the units. The 1570 is a USPS use Series.

-‘Private use’ means that you have a third party that will be delivering mail to the boxes, such as a mailroom clerk. For this use, you do not need USPS approval for things like Height or Parcel box to Tenant box configurations. You will need to purchase the conversion kit for the units. The 4C Series can be used for USPS or Private use with the proper locks and approvals.

How does the numbering on them work?

The first option is the standard numbering which is 1, 2, 3, and Parcels are P1, P2 style. You would assign the number to the apartment unit and note this to the Postmaster and tenant.
The other option is custom numbering up to 5 digits per box. You can use the numbering to match the apartment unit number. For example, the unit number is 301 to 308 for the specific apartment building in the complex.

Does it cost more to have the box engraved?

No, it is the same cost to have the box engraved as it does to have the decal. However, once it is engraved, you cannot change the numbering you decide to use. With decals, you have an option to change them out later if you choose to.

How long does it take to get my box in once I order it?

It typically takes about 3-4 weeks for a standard box. But it can take longer if it has engraved numbering, customized configurations, or is a larger order. The time frame includes building the unit and standard transit time.

How many keys do I get with the box?

You get 3 keys per tenant box. You can order more keys and cylinders by calling us at 785-776-0564.

Can I get it delivered to the complex?

Yes, we will have the unit delivered to the job site.

Can I return it if I don’t like it?

As a general rule, no, because these are made to order from the factory, there are no returns unless there is an issue caused by the Florence manufacturing factory, or by our fault in placing the order. If you still want a refund, you may fill out an RGA request form here and if it is approved (not guaranteed) there is a 50% restocking fee and you are responsible for paying to ship the unit back in the same packaging you received it from. Because of this, we take the extra step to call you and confirm the order to be sure you are getting exactly what you need. PLEASE NOTE THAT ENGRAVED UNITS ARE NOT RETURNABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

What if it is damaged?

If it is damaged when you get it, take photographs of the damage and the shipping documents you get from the freight company and fill out the Damage form here and email this to we will take care of the issue, schedule for pickup of the defective/damaged unit, and get you a new, undamaged unit as soon as possible.